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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. a live look from the san mateo bridge. we had a bout of heavy rain moved through. this thing let's find out where the rain is coming down and more on the forecast.
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>>erica: we certainly experienced of rain coming down by the buckets. still looks like things are starting to dry up but we are still contending with what roadways. throughout the morning we will have scattered showers. into the afternoon, breaks of sunshine. we do have the potential to more thunderstorms and instances of hill. september does look like they will remain in the upper 50s and from los '60s. as we transition into the evening it looks like we will see a few showers ahead of another storm system that will roll through into the overnight. it looks like most of the weather activity is pushing to the south and east. a lot of the rainfall over high 101 in through morgan hill, we are seeing a lot of
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yellow and orange indicating the intensity quite high. a drive with extra caution but we're still contending with a wet roadways and flow along the peninsula is coast line. a little bit of rain over highway 101 through nevada stretching down to the golden gate. safe future gas shows into this hour a scattered showers here and there. as we advanced the clock may be light rain in the north bay. we will start to see breaks the sunshine and cloud cover. into tonight, more intense rain is situated all of the coastline. how it looks like we will see more rain and wet roadways for the friday commute. off because of all of the cloud cover that we are
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seeing, temperatures on the warmer side. 51 in richmond, the same for oakland and downtown san francisco. i will have a look at your 7 day around the day forecast coming up in my next report. >>mark: we have team coverage of the weather around the bay. yoli eceves is live in an early game along 101. >>yoli: we are catching a break from the rain right now. the wind has calmed down, but there is still a lot of standing water. that is something the drivers should be careful of.
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>>will: look at my windshields. it is basically one sheet of water. not only is the rain coming down suddenly, it is coming down heavily. if you are leaving your house this morning, give yourself that extra cup of coffee, you will be in for quite a battle as i am right now. >>mark: the good news is the heavy rain is winding down.
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>>george: to left lanes are blocked at capitol ave. aha cost in this is the southbound side that we're closest to.
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>> applications have old vault in a recent weeks. numbers out today are suggesting that there is caution about hiring. dow futures dropping this morning on the news, they were up 52 points ahead at the opening bell but right now only up 13 points. >>mark: george zimmerman is expected to appear in court today. he is now facing charges in the death of treyvon martin. kate thompson has more.
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>> george zimmerman was arrested and charged for second-degree murder in the shooting of treyvon martin in february. that is when the zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watch capt. says that treyvon martin attacked him and that is why he shot in using deadly force. there has been a public outcry calling for an arrest and the special prosecutor said on wednesday that they had enough evidence to make an arrest. >>mark: a big earthquake this morning, a 6.9 magnitude striking off of the coast of mexico wikiup residents.
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>>mark: we are tracking a storm moving through. the heaviest rain heading of the altamont for damages east of 101. heavy rain around san rafael in the moving across the bay. the bulk of the heavy rain is just exiting the bay area as the showers will start to listen in intensity in the next 10-50 minutes. the dow was down two of 14 points on tuesday and up to 89 on tuesday breaking a losing streak. alcoa and chevron reporting better than expected earnings.
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did jump in the number of americans filing for unemployment jumped last week. that is now pulling back on wall street. amazon is cutting prices on the books as one of its major rivals is facing a government lawsuit. amazon will be slashing the price of possible -- part of books to less than $10 apiece. the announcement comes after the u.s. department of justice says it is suing apple and five major publishers for alleged price-fixing. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues truth
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>>mark: time for another update on your weather forecast. cooling >>erica: later this
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afternoon showers will be pretty hard to track. earlier this morning we had a band of rain relatively organized pass through periods as we zeus and, if you can see it is mostly dry of the south bay. we are still contending with somewhat roadways. but it looks like some of the most intensely in is situated in a morgan hill along 101. certainly drive the extra caution and allow yourself extra time on the freeways here if fair was a flood advisories that expired at 5:45 a.m.. we are still dealing the status ladder serious civil such offenses as a flight rain over the golden gate crossing through the heart of the bay this is use of the defaced off. overall, a relatively dry conditions for those of you coming out of the santa rosa area. that is a look at what is
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happening right now. as we take it look at what is on tap for the rest of the day we will continue to see residual showers. we do have a slight potential to see a thunderstorm activity and we could actually see hail produced. but qr scattered showers throughout the heart of the bay area but mostly dry for the north bay. but we will sigrid's of sunshine and insulated this afternoon will keep a chance of what weather on tap. the next storm system could actually be the wettest one producing up to 2 in. of wayne for coastal's bot's. wicking of tomorrow morning it looks like you will be seeing more wet weather but
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things will start to drive into the afternoon, just in time for the weekend. >>george: right at capitol avenue, you can see a tow truck driver at work trying to get his cables on to their race. a few moments ago this was in the opposite direction. costa >> of the right you can see
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traffic is creeping hikes. traffic has been getting worse because this trend has been here for quite a while. >>george: craig skalar has been on the scene, here is the location of the incident, the northbound side of 680 >>george: here is a quick bridge check. the upper deck of the bay bridge is a good ride, the metering lights should now been activated.
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>>justine: general motors is recalling 50,000 large crossover is tv's because of a wind filled wiper problem. it affects 2011 and 2012 chevy traverse death, blue with enclave and gmc acadia. safety regulators say that ice and snow can build up and restricted movement making the wiper arm, lose it now functions. ax
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>> here is andrew vargas shortly after being arrested, he was charged with a felony hit and run, in addition to jail time he will be on five years' probation and will have one felony strike of his car and a record. if mcorp, vargas said feels remorse whole area >>mark: in antioch, friends and family gathered for the funerals of father and nine year-old daughter. they were hit and killed
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while on a family bike ride. one family member tells kron4 that his brother-in- law and knees were very special. >> he was probably one of the nicest man you could me. off we all have things that people can say about us. we have all made mistakes, but he never cursed, he never did anything. one of the most tremendous. he prayed. he would dedicate his life to everything around his children. it is sad that our family had to lose a great man.
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i wish that you had a pity to meet him in my knees. she is so essential. >> of the teenage suspect in the case has not been charged all the hall was released from juvenile hall on tuesday as investors lotus still reviewing the case could tab, we will be right back as the out scott kept out but cannot yet
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>>mark: a lot of snow expected in lake tahoe. we will keep tracking the storm as waves of rain pushed through. it looks like the worst of it is pushing to the south and east. for we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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with a quick update on our hot spot with george. >>george: we are actively tracking a new problem on interstate 580 in to the backup is westbound. at will update you on the drive time coming up in a complete traffic check on the kron4 news returns. hassan
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>>mark: we're dealing with some hot spots out there after some very heavy rain. >>george: it was this ride northbound were the two left lanes were blocked and have backed up the right nearly to the 280-680 interchange there, you can see the truck is back on its wheels piffling thankfully, that the new direction is at the opposite side of the freeway. it is who found ride that was so badly backfire.
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we are tracking another hot spot for you on interstate 580. we're talking about a problem on interstate 580 in the eastbound direction at north livermore avenue the left lane is blocked. and has created a visual has a for your westbound rights. be
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>>george: this is still spring break week for many. even with the letter it is lighter than usual traffic. >>erica: dry conditions around the bay area. sphere fluoresce still dealing with a little that what weather in the south bay, especially for those of you feel livermore area. highway 101, we are seeing yellow and orange indicating
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for the heavy rainfall. allied yourself extra time if that is your commute this morning. a little bit of what weather and the vallejo and it richmond area. as we take a look at what is on tap for the rest of the day off we will continue to see residual showers and the chance of thunderstorms. partly sunny conditions. into the later part of the afternoon below looks like the rain chances will stick in the north bay and from maine for the life in nature.
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as we take a look at what is on tap for the weekend it looks like we will see dry and warm conditions. >>mark: we are continuing team coverage of the weather. yoli eceves is watching conditions in burlingame and won a one.
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>>mark: and george zimmerman is expected to be in a florida courtroom. >> george zimmerman was slipped into the seminole county jail under the cover of night and booked for second-degree murder. >> we voluntarily surrendered him to law enforcement.
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>> the family of treyvon martin watch from washington d.c.. >> we simply wanted an arrest. we wanted nothing more, nothing less. we got it. i say thank you. >> if convicted of the room in the face of the life in prison. his attorney says his client will plead not guilty. >> no one wanted treyvon martin to be prejudged. i asked that george zimmerman not be prejudged. >>mark: will follow the latest out of stanford florida. we will be right back as the
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kron4 news is with you until 10:00.
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here to look at a crash in eastbound directions. this is nothing more than a gapers block, it is a visual has if that is costing hundreds of people thousands of minutes for the westbound right. again, the drive time over 40 minutes. the better news on 680 northbound, the lanes are clear and that backup is starting to ease. we have continuing problems on t 80 northbound where for a while the three left lanes were taken up with an accident. his hair is flooding on the right side of the roadway and it is believed to have been the cause of the crash. traffic is lighter than usual this week. is the only reason why we have not seen a bigger backup on the 280 northbound right. it is surprising that 101 is slow around the 28680 interchange. the bay bridge westbound is heavy on the upper deck
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because of conditions outside. so far, we have been incidents free through marin county with light traffic on the golden gate. earlier this morning there were reports of flooding at lucky drive. that was in both the north and south on directions. >>erica: i do want to borrow this shot of the golden gate. it is pretty ominous looking. he conceded cloud cover in degree skies. we are still contending with what roadways. as we head into the latter part of the mornings, scattered showers of the fact and with mild temperatures. by the afternoon we have slight potential of thunderstorms to. as a rolling to the evening of assistance rolls and. you could expect heavy rain
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to begin a drive around the evening commute home and will continue to develop into the overnight hours. in terms of storm tracker 4, for the most part we are starting to try things out around the bay area. there is no wet weather to speak of stretching from santa rosa to the golden gate. we are seeing rainfall in the vallejo area, same for richmond down to the east shore freeway. most of that organized system has pushed its way to the east and south. we are still contending with what roadways. we're setting the stage for another system within the tomorrow morning, moderate- heavy rain into the livermore valley over 880 and through hayward stretching down to union city. we could catch some dry breaks for sonoma county and portions of marin. as we advance the clock we will see scattered showers
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and the not want our that will continue to persist into the afternoon. this last storm system could be the wettest. we could get up to 2 in. of rain. as we check out the highs this afternoon, there are not to adhere it certainly dressed in layers. off fog fest for your 7 day around the bay forecast, it looks like we will move in a positive direction with nothing but sunshine and mild temperatures into the weekend. >>mark: our weather coverage continues with will tran and watching conditions in oakland. >>will: the rain came to town suddenly can't have a leaf. as you can see by this title, it is not coming down right now, not even one raindrop. it looks like this guy is starting to clear out just a bit. as i is a man, slightly dusty but not too bad. it looks like for now we are
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drying out just a bit but did not be surprised if there rain comes back and let it does, it could come back with a vengeance. >>mark: the very heavy rain came through in the early morning hours is now moving its way up into this year. we have heavy snow coming down over 80. >> the storm is here. it is snowing and snowing heavily. we have ski patrol over ed donner summit. we have very icy conditions underneath the snow pack. >>mark: water year expecting as far as the possibility of shutting down a highway or highly 50? >> it is pretty unlikely. we have plenty of employees out there plowing.
6:51 am
we are out there and as you know, we try to keep the road open. >>mark: their comedy concede the plows out on highway 50. >>mark: in decision 2012 news, rick santorum has agreed to a face-to-face meeting with mitt romney. mitt romney said he would work with his fellow republican towards the single goal of defeating obama in november. romney is hoping to attract to the evangelicals and socially conservative supporters of the santorum. jury selection begins today in the federal trial of john edwards. the 2008 democratic presidential candidates will face a hometown jury in the carolina. he is charged with six counts of felony and misdemeanor excuse me, six
6:52 am
felony misdemeanor counts related to nearly $1 million in payments made by campaign donors to hide an affair with his pregnant mistress. he denies any wrongdoing. >>mark: here is another live check outside as we're watching conditions around the bay. in a lot of standing water on the roadways. hawks last
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>>mark: we're keeping our eyes on bay area weather, a little break and iran on the san mateo bridge. very heavy rain moved through around 5:00 theory if look for scattered showers through the day in the possibility of a thunderstorm with gusty winds just like yesterday. morning rain tomorrow, drying out into the afternoon and pretty nice for the weekends. breezy and quarks that at
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least the sun will be out on saturday. and the giants got rocked. tim lincecum got beat up by colorado's myriad he only pitched 2 and 1/3 innings. the shortest outing of his career. the rockies beat the giants 17-8. >>caller: finished with 22 hits, half of them for extra bases. san francisco has only had one when out of five games. the oakland a's has better luck against the royals. two players were hit in the clock inning forcing in the
6:57 am
winning run. this is the third time in oakland a's history that they won a game with a hit by pitch. oakland begins a three game series in seattle tomorrow. the san jose sharks are starting their run at towards the >>stanley: cup in st. louis opening as the seventh seed taking on the the no. 2 seed blues. they have played four times against the blues and have lost all four times, but this is the playoffs. and we will be right back as the kron4 news continues in just two minutes. here is a live look as we're watching conditions around the bay area and skies clearing out. more scattered showers are expected. we have the latest on the forecast and traffic hot spots as the kron4 news continues until 1:00. spots as the kron4 news continues until 1:00. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005.
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